Reason #1 to choose Media Mix:

We’ve been around since the days of afros, disco, and bell-bottom leisure suits.

In 1978, disco was tops, as Media Mix began with one lonely man and his tambourine. As time progressed, the small business developed into a full fledged rock band, banging out amazing results for its clients as a multi-department, full-service advertising and marketing corporation.


Reason #2 to choose Media Mix:

Eggs, oil, and water alone won’t make a cake. We know it’s all about the mix.

From the big ideas to the smallest touches, we know that effectiveness in advertising doesn’t revolve around a single television commercial or billboard. Our unique approach involves mixing all of the elements of strategic analysis, media placement, and creative implementation into unstoppable marketing campaigns


Reason #3 to choose Media Mix:

We’ll go all “Stretch-Armstrong” on your budget.

Media Mix offers unparalleled buying power and maintains excellent relationships with local and national broadcast television, cable, and radio stations, allowing us to take your budget to a whole other level. Our full-service capabilities allow us to fully facilitate high quality projects from start to finish, while keeping your costs under control.


Reason #4 to choose Media Mix:

We don’t play favorites.

Whether you’re a local business just starting out or a multi-billion dollar corporation, the Media Mix staff uses their experience and creativity to deliver high quality projects, customized to fit your unique audience and budget. We understand that no matter its size, your business is your baby and we’ll treat it like it’s our own.


Reason #5 to choose Media Mix:

We know the most effective messages are way, WAY outside the box.

Media Mix knows that creating the most effective ways to increase your business goes way beyond thinking outside of the box. Sometimes you have to pick the box up and shake it. Maybe toss it around, give it a little wiggle. Or just drop kick it out the window.


Reason #6 to choose Media Mix:

You know that phrase, “Turning something into nothing”? We pride ourselves in doing just the opposite.

At Media Mix, our specialty is taking the simplest ideas and turning them into major movers in the marketplace. We excel at developing even the smallest nugget of information into innovative and creative ideas and strategies to effectively communicate your message to your audience.